Top 5 Data Center Stories, Week of June 3

Top 5 Data Center Stories, Week of June 3

Here are some of this week's most popular stories on Data Center Knowledge

Here are some of this week's most popular stories on Data Center Knowledge:

Dell Designs Custom Liquid Cooling System for eBay Data Centers - A special unit within Dell that makes custom tech for operators of the world’s largest data centers, has designed a water-based system for cooling custom server chips it developed together with Intel and eBay itself.

Linux Foundation Backs HPE’s Open Source Switch OS - OpenSwitch, the operating system for data center network switches Hewlett-Packard Enterprise launched last year as an open source project together with a number of other networking heavyweights, has become an official Linux Foundation project.

CenturyLink Commits to Data Center Efficiency Targets under Federal Challenge - CenturyLink has committed to improving energy efficiency of its entire US data center portfolio by 25 percent by joining a voluntary US Department of Energy program that promotes investment in more efficient energy use in buildings.

Mesosphere’s Data Center OS to Get Power, Cooling Visibility - Vapor IO will integrate DC/OS with its OpenDCRE software, which will give DC/OS visibility into things like data center power and cooling resources applications consume.

Google Hires Box Chief of Engineering for Cloud Role - Sam Schillace is a Google veteran who previously helped oversee engineering for the company’s docs, Gmail, calendar, reader, and other products.

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