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Juniper Unveils New Software-Defined Secure Networks Offerings

New containerized SRX and virtual SRX provide enhanced firewall capabilities

By The VAR Guy

By The VAR Guy

Cyber-threats are more sophisticated and their impact greater every day. Security companies must continually evolve their solutions to keep pace, leveraging automated and actionable intelligence to quickly enforce safeguards against breaches. At OpenStack Summit 2016 today, Juniper Networks announced several additions to its cloud and virtualized service offerings as a big step toward this goal, which it calls its Software-Defined Secure Networks (SDSN) vision.

“We believe that security is the ‘killer app’ that will accelerate SDN adoption,” said Mike Spanbauer, vice president of security, test and advisory at NSS Labs. “The complement of SDN and security can solve one of the greatest problems enterprises have dealt with over the last 25 years of enterprise network expansion, an operationally efficient way to implement policy, detection and enforcement across the entire network. With its Software-Defined Secure Networks vision, Juniper is making a move in that direction.”

Juniper unveiled a new compact and containerized SRX (cSRX) firewall that allows channel partners to offer Security-as-a-Service in large multi-tenant cloud networks. The cSRX’s smaller footprint means that users can put firewall enforcement points in parts of the network where traditional appliances are not viable, without compromising performance.

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The company also unveiled a multi-core version of the virtual SRX (vSRX) firewall with full routing, firewall and L4-L7 security features. The new vSRX aims to provide scalable, secure protection across private, public and hybrid clouds in virtualized environments for high-bandwidth customers and applications.

“Juniper Networks is delivering significant scale and total cost of ownership advantages to its customers with the new cSRX, which fundamentally changes how security is deployed and illustrates the power of Software-Defined Secure Networks to provide a holistic network protection paradigm,” said Mihir Maniar, vice president of security product management for Juniper. “Moreover, with the addition of our 100 Gbps vSRX, our security portfolio is further advancing the industry’s highest performing virtual firewall.”

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