Microsoft Launches Azure Container Service
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Microsoft Launches Azure Container Service

Built on 100 percent open source software, service supports both Mesosphere's DC/OS and Docker Swarm

By Talkin' Cloud

By Talkin' Cloud

Microsoft announced general availability of its Azure Container Service on Tuesday to help organizations deploy and operate containerized application workloads.

According to a blog post by Ross Gardler, Azure senior program manager, Azure Container Service provides simplified configurations of open source container orchestration technology that is optimized to run in the cloud.

The Azure Container Service is built on 100 percent open source software, and offers a choice among popular orchestration engines DC/OS or Docker Swarm.

“We built Azure Container Service to be the fastest way to get the benefits of running containerized applications, using your choice of open source technology, tools and skills and with the support of a thriving community and ecosystem,” Gardler said.

The service was first announced in September and hit public preview in February.

Microsoft joined Mesosphere’s Data Center Operating System (DC/OS) project on Tuesday, joining other corporate members of the project including Accenture, Cisco and HPE, according to ZDNet.

“With the general availability of the Azure Container Service, containers are ready for prime-time in the cloud, enabling organizations to transform the excitement and hype into concrete business value quickly and with confidence,” Gardler added. “Thousands of customers are already running containerized applications in Azure, converting the promise of agility and efficiency at cloud scale into business results.”

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