Analysts: Public Cloud Adoption to Create "Major Ripple Effect"
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Analysts: Public Cloud Adoption to Create "Major Ripple Effect"

JP Morgan names three legacy IT vendors in most danger of losing share of corporate IT spend to big public cloud providers

By Talkin' Cloud

By Talkin' Cloud

Analysts from JP Morgan see a future where AWS and Microsoft Azure have a significant place within the infrastructure of the biggest enterprises – perhaps eventually replacing legacy vendors like HPE, IBM and Oracle.

According to a report by Barrons that outlines the main points of a 50-page note JP Morgan sent to clients last week, “IBM, HP, and Oracle are the top 3 most at-risk vendors for losing share of IT budget as the world shifts workloads to IaaS vendors.”

Analysts from JP Morgan interviewed 207 chief information officers from companies with annual budgets in excess of $600 million, and found that CIOs used words like “transformative power” to describe AWS and its impact on their infrastructure. One CIO even went so far as to say that its organization is planning to go “all in with AWS.”

While Microsoft and AWS were cited as the most critical and indispensable mega IT-vendors by 48.9 percent and 13 percent of respondents, respectively, HP was cited as the least critical vendor on the list.

Aside from mega-vendors, JP Morgan also gauged the popularity of smaller vendors within the large enterprise space. In this area, business intelligence providers Tableau and Qlik were among the most popular, as was security provider Palo Alto Networks, cloud company ServiceNow, and VMware (AirWatch) rounded out the top five list of smaller software vendors impressing CIOs most with “their technology, vision, and value-add.”

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