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Top 5 Data Center Stories: Week of March 18

This week's most popular stories on Data Center Knowledge

Here are this week's most popular stories on Data Center Knowledge:

Merger of Two Healthcare Giants Makes IT Transformation Inevitable - How do you scale your IT infrastructure to three times its capacity while your budget stays about the same? This was the question the IT team at St. Joseph Health has been faced with as the 16-facility hospital system with $5 billion in annual revenue is going through a merger with Providence Health and Services, which was announced last year.

Moving Away from AWS Cloud: Dropbox Isn’t an Anomaly, and Here’s Why - As Amazon Web Services was blowing out the candles on its 10th birthday cake, AWS customer Dropbox was not afraid to be a bit of a party pooper.

Why Data Center Managers Should Care about DevOps - While developers and IT operations professionals have been excited about the concept of DevOps, data center operators, the people who run the infrastructure for the teams upstream, haven’t generally been involved in the conversation. Jack Story, distinguished technologist at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, thinks that is a mistake.

Modular Data Center Firm IO Raises $505M - The funds have allowed the company to consolidate US debt and buy two of the four properties its US data centers occupy, IO president, Tony Wanger, said.

IoT Demands a Shift from Centralized to Stratified Data Centers - Today, a slew of disruptive trends are placing back-breaking demands on existing networks and data center infrastructure. In fact, these much beefier requirements for speed and bandwidth have grown so far so fast that the IT world simply can’t keep up.

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