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Demystifying the Data Center Sourcing Dilemma

Build or lease? Cloud or on-prem? North Carolina or Northern Virginia?

The data center plays a central role in any modern business. Strategies, go-to market initiatives, and organizational goals are all being built around IT capabilities. So, how do you make the most of the data center resources available to you? Most of all, how do you evolve the IT environment to support new business initiatives?

Here are some key ways changes in the data center and IT landscape impact your business:

  • Increasing demand for IT services is driving data center growth, putting additional pressure on existing data centers.
  • Many data centers in operation are reaching the end of life and require major renovation.
  • Before spending money on the existing aging environment, many companies are evaluating the spectrum of data center sourcing options, from greenfield builds to cloud services.

There is a spectrum of sourcing options, and while each option has its advantages and disadvantages, variables such as size, location, and investment strategy are the drivers that influence which solution is the best fit.

At the Data Center World Global conference in Las Vegas later this month, Laura Cunningham, business consultant at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, will talk about the critical considerations around data center sourcing, and what to do with legacy components.

Cunningham comes from a unique background as it relates to the data center community. She brings extensive experience in developing business cases for clients in order to justify data center investments emphasizing Total Cost of Ownership, as well as Return on Investment. Specifically, she translates technology specifications into a business case that can be understood by those outside of IT.

In the session, attendees will get a chance to:

  • Learn how to get buy-in from all stakeholders on your data center strategy.
  • Consider what the financial decision makers will be focused on when weighing data center sourcing options.
  • Understand how different data center credits and energy policies can influence decisions.
  • Learn about aligning data center sourcing strategies with capacity requirements over time.
  • Learn how data center location impacts TCO.
  • Learn to leverage your company’s capital preference to best position its data center sourcing strategy.

Join Laura Cunningham and 1,300 of your peers at Data Center World Global 2016, March 14-18, in Las Vegas, NV, for a real-world, “get it done” approach to converging efficiency, resiliency and agility for data center leadership in the digital enterprise. More details on the Data Center World website.

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