HPE Introduces Linux Server for Data Analytics and Real-Time Computing
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HPE Introduces Linux Server for Data Analytics and Real-Time Computing

Integrity MC990 X company's latest platform for high-performance data analytics for Linux environments

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise has rolled out a new Linux-based server that it says will help enterprises manage high-performance, large-volume data analytics and real-time processing workloads.

The platform, called the HPE Integrity MC990 X Server, was announced Tuesday. The company says it was developed in response to growing demand for more efficient and scalable computing power for the datacenter.

The MC990 X is a rack-mounted server that features eight sockets, Intel Xeon E7-8800 v3 processors and up to six terabytes of memory. That hardware gives the server the power to handle "large business processing and decision support Linux workloads," HPE says.

But hardware specifications are only part of HPE's pitch. The company also hopes to attract customers to the new server by integrating the offering into its consulting services, which it says can help businesses determine how best to leverage the MC990 X and other hardware to meet data analytics and real-time processing needs.

The new server may not revolutionize highly scalable data analytics and other high-performance workloads, but it is an incremental step toward making them easier, especially in Linux-based environments. It reflects vendors' continuing efforts to meet the steady demand from enterprises in this space -- as well as to pair hardware with consulting services in order to offer a more integrated package than customers have traditionally received from large OEMs.

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