Data Center Documentary Explores Places Where Cloud Lives
(Source: The People’s Cloud trailer, Matt Parker)

Data Center Documentary Explores Places Where Cloud Lives

Artist who explores internet infrastructure releases trailer for his latest work

As bigger and bigger parts of our lives get converted to digital formats, people get increasingly curious about the infrastructure that makes the internet, or the cloud (whatever you want to call it), possible. A lot of the things that may seem obvious to those working in the data center industry are mysteries to people outside of it.

Matt Parker, a UK composer and visual artist, has spent the last several years exploring these mysteries through art. His latest work is a documentary that examines in-depth the infrastructure of the cloud, including data centers, networks, energy, and people behind it all.

The People’s Cloud is a documentary film that gets to the bottom of the internet, investigating the ecology and impact of cloud computing on the lives of those who use it, the places it is physically located in, and the people who work to maintain it,” the film’s website says.

Parker said he interviewed numerous major European and global data center industry players for the film.

Here’s the trailer for The People’s Cloud:

See and hear more of Parker’s work:

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