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Weekly DCIM News Roundup: August 7
(Photo by Michael Bocchieri/Getty Images)

Weekly DCIM News Roundup: August 7

Here's this week's update on the DCIM market, including two new software releases and creation of a new server management standard

FNT Software advances its service management software ServicePlanet to version 3, Device 42 releases 7.2. of its DCIM software, and the DMTF announced Redfish 1.0, a new server management standard designed to replace IPMI.

  1. FNT Software releases ServicePlanet 3. FNT Software announced the release of ServicePlanet 3 service management software. The new release is designed to improve service management processes, and integrates with FNT Command, its infrastructure management solution.
  2. Device 42 releases 7.2.2. Device 42 announced release 7.2.2 of its software, with enhanced drag and drop between racks and the ability to mark network broadcast IP addresses as usable.
  3. DMTF releases new server management standard. The Distributed Management Task Force released Redfish 1.0, a standard for server management based on the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) file format and a simple REST API. Redfish is designed to replace IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface), which was introduced first in 1998.
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