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DCIM Software Drives Granular Insight for Data Center Management
Methode was on hand at Data Center World 2014 to showcase its data center infrastructure management (DCIM), physical layer infrastructure and rack level battery back-up solutions. (Photo: Bri Pennington)

DCIM Software Drives Granular Insight for Data Center Management

Methode president to speak on DCIM at Data Center World Fall

Thanks to data center infrastructure management software, IT organizations have more insight into what’s happening inside their data centers than ever.

At the Data Center World conference in National Harbor, Maryland this September, Methode Data Solutions Group president Tim Hazzard will go into detail about not only what constitutes the appropriate DCIM tool for different types of organizations, but also what data center operators should expect to get out of those DCIM software investments.

“DCIM gives IT organizations access to a whole other layer of granularity into the data center,” Hazzard said. “With DCIM they can see what is happening inside a cabinet right down to the port level.”

Hazzard said that IT organizations need to decide how much effort they need to make to achieve the level of granularity they seek. Many of them may opt to do a lot of custom integration work to integrate any number of sensors with DCIM software. Others may find that the analytics provided by DCIM software that often comes packaged with IT infrastructure to be more than sufficient for their needs.

Ultimately, Hazzard said, having access to that level of detailed information will drive everything from where IT infrastructure needs to be placed inside the data center to the deployment of IT automation technologies that require access to analytics to optimize the overall environment.

Regardless of the DCIM approach, the one thing that is for certain is that when it comes to DCIM software as an alternative to spreadsheets for keeping track in what are increasingly complex data center environments, most organizations will wonder how they ever did without it.

For more information, sign up for Data Center World National Harbor, which will convene in National Harbor, Maryland, on September 20-23, 2015, and attend Tim’s session titled “Taking Data Centers to the Next Level with Integrated DCIM.”


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