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New Technologies And Strategies To Enhance Data Center Efficiency

As the most progressive data center in the Rocky Mountain region, and a leader in our industry, FORTRUST saw an opportunity to provide an outstanding example of how a data center should operate and contribute to a sustainable environment. Together as an organization, it created the “FORTRUST Sustainability (Green) Initiative” in 2011, which was a strategic plan to reduce our energy consumption and carbon footprint while encouraging our employees, customers, vendors and partners to join us in our efforts to improve our impact on the planet as well as the industry and our community.

In this white paper, we explore how a company changed its operations to become more “green” and implement new technologies and strategies to further its leadership in the data center industry. The ability to deploy modular technology along with a raised floor to perfectly match its customers’ of-the-moment computing demands has transformed it into a hybrid data center, which is inherently more efficient than traditional, one-size-fits-all data center facilities.

Download this white paper today to learn about a 3-part process for making data center operations more green, reducing energy consumption and carbon.

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