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Defining Best Practices around Data Center Growth Strategies
A look at the racks inside a RagingWire data center in Ashburn, Virginia. (Photo: RagingWire)

Defining Best Practices around Data Center Growth Strategies

Your business is growing; and so is your data center. Find out the best practices around data center growth and how to directly align your ecosystem with your business.

It’s good to be in the data center business these days. Data center demand is booming, organizations are realizing new cloud use-cases, and the modern data center is even more critical for today’s businesses. We’re seeing a lot of dynamic growth in resource utilization, deployments, and user access. Through it all, the data center has been challenged with keeping up with this increased demand while still running efficiently.

As a result, the industry has been faced with big questions around agility and growth: Do I go to the cloud? Do I work with a colocation provider? Or, maybe I decide to work with a hybrid solution? The point is that there are new options around data center growth control, which can directly help your overall business. However, it's not always clear what these options ultimately mean for the data center ecosystem.

This whitepaper dives into detail around some critical growth considerations that today’s data center managers must face. It offers key points of clarity around rack density, power density, and energy cost savings to help you create an even more efficient data center environment while growing your overall infrastructure!

Download this whitepaper today to learn about best practices for flexible space allocation, capacity design, and TCO optimization. Plus, this paper covers important considerations around DCIM, hosted services, and the impact of cloud computing on the modern business and data center growth considerations.

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