Oracle Launches Cloud-based Online Storefront Solution

Oracle positions its solution as different than the “cookie-cutter” solutions that are limited in terms of design and functionality


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Aimed at providing a simple and customizable solution for ecommerce, Oracle has launched its new cloud-based online storefront solution, Oracle Commerce Cloud.

Commerce Cloud is hosted on the Oracle Public Cloud, and is the latest addition to the Oracle Customer Experience (CX) SaaS application portfolio.

Commerce Cloud promises an easy-to-use storefront builder that provides design templates and modular widgets to build mobile-friendly online store pages. It also includes pre-integrated search and navigation, a recommendation engine, promotions, reporting, payments, and Search Engine Optimization.

Oracle positions its solution as different than the “cookie-cutter” solutions that are limited in terms of design and functionality. For further customization, front-end code can be easily altered, and companies can build custom extensions or download third-party extensions from the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

In the US and Europe, Oracle is also planning on holding bootcamps to get customers up and running quickly, as well as hackathons to help build in new features for the platform’s future growth.

Commerce Cloud can also be used as part of the broader Oracle CX Cloud suite to provide easy integration to tools such as Oracle Marketing Cloud, Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle Service Cloud, Oracle Configure, Price and Quote Cloud, and Oracle Social Cloud.

Ecommerce is expected to rise substantially as mobile Internet usage grows, leading mobile payments to grow an anticipated 60 percent this year. With this major shift towards online stores already in effect, many brick-and-mortar businesses are having to adopt ecommerce.

Smaller retailers looking for an easy way to sell their wares online are likely to join marketplaces like eBay and Alibaba, or create an online store using a DIY store builder service which take a lot of the complications out of running a stand-alone ecommerce site.

Oracle Commerce Cloud seems similar to DIY services like Bigcommerce and Shopify (and services from web hosts like 1&1 and Go Daddy) which are aimed at a segment of retailers who lack the expertise to build their own ecommerce site. Oracle Commerce Cloud, however, offers some more advanced features and SLAs aimed to appeal to larger organizations.

Lifestyle brand Elaine Turner and outdoor gear retailer Rock/Creek are among the early adopters of Commerce Cloud. According to Oracle, Commerce Cloud has already been chosen by several midsize and enterprise level B2C and B2B customers as part of their ecommerce strategy.

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