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Future Facilities
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Weekly DCIM News Roundup: June 26

News from FNT Software, Future Facilities, and FieldView this week

FNT Software and Future Facilities advance DCIM offerings, FieldView Solutions talks about the physical world meeting the virtual world in healthcare facilities, and Part 4 of our DCIM Decisions series talks about the challenges of implementing a DCIM solution in your data center.

  1. FNT Software Advances DCIM Solution. FNT Software announced release 10 of its FNT Command DCIM software. The new edition includes Graphic Center Technology, FNT Command Dashboard, EasySearch, Business Gateways, and FNT Command Mobile as well as enhanced usability, intelligence and analytics.
  2. Future Facilities Updates 6Sigma DCX software. Future Facilities announced release 9.3 of its 6SigmaDCX suite. The new edition includes new features and speed improvements.
  3. DCIM in Healthcare: The Physical World Meets the Wirtual World. FieldView Solutions CMO Sev Onyshkevych discusses the role DCIM tools play in helping healthcare IT organizations monitor and track physical environments, as well as examine and pinpoint potential failure points and efficiency gains.
  4. DCIM implementation - the challenges. Part 4 of a five part series on the DCIM journey - about the challenges of retrofitting an operating data center, as well as some of the considerations for incorporating DCIM systems into a new design.
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