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Understanding DCIM and Process Ownership
Raritan has two DCIM offerings: Power IQ for monitoring and dcTrack for operations. Here’s a screenshot of one of the Power IQ dashboards. (Image: Raritan)

Understanding DCIM and Process Ownership

The challenge to ensuring that a data center is cost-efficient and effectively managed is how to empower the people managing it all. Now, find out how to align DCIM ownership and tie it to the business process.

Today’s data center is supporting new use-cases designed to enhance collaboration, improve the business process, and create a more productive environment. With these new use-cases, the modern data center has become a much more complex entity. For example, DCIM tools have been around for some time, but these tools are now involved in numerous aspects of the data center control process. Data centers are now segmenting DCIM capabilities into business units and more intelligent data center management.

With these new tools and capabilities, there are also new challenges to ensure data centers are cost-efficient, effectively managed, and empowering for the people involved. This white paper addresses these concerns by asking two very specific questions:

  • Who owns the DCIM solution?
  • How can IT and Facilities work together to ensure both the operations of a data center and the corporate objectives are met without impacting individual goals?

These two questions are key to establishing DCIM ownership best practices. By having these best practices in place, data center personnel are able to be better aligned to a defined set of responsibilities and a plan on how to approach the DCIM setup, deployment, and usage processes. Download this white paper today to learn how to establish proper DCIM ownership for your data center.

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