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First Wholesale Data Center Suite Opens at Dallas Infomart
The Atrium of Infomart in Dallas, one of the most important network interconnection points in the southern U.S.

First Wholesale Data Center Suite Opens at Dallas Infomart

Suite at major southern carrier hotel likely to be appealing to service providers

Data center service provider Infomart Data Centers has opened the first wholesale suite at the major southern data center and network-carrier hub it operates.

The Dallas Infomart is one of the most important interconnection buildings in the south, providing access to an array of carriers for connectivity within the US or into Latin America. The wholesale data center suite at the Infomart makes it possible for a service provider or (less likely) an enterprise customer to take 3 MW of capacity in the carrier hotel at once, as opposed to renting cages on a retail basis.

“Everyone connects to the internet through our Dallas facility,” John Sheputis, president of Infomart Data Centers, said in a statement. “All of the major carriers are interconnected here. Every application hosted here will have a performance edge,” said.”

The company traditionally specialized in retail colocation, but last year it merged with Fortune Data Centers, a wholesale Silicon Valley data center provider, and now seems to be branching out beyond its traditional business.

A wholesale data center suite in a highly interconnected building is most appealing to a colocation, hosting, or a cloud service provider – a business that needs access to as many network carriers as possible and that can leverage physical proximity to customers as well as other service providers colocated in the building.

One of Infomart’s biggest customers in Dallas is Equinix, the world’s biggest colocation and interconnection service provider, which has hosted infrastructure there since 2000, according to an earlier interview with an Equinix representative.

Equinix’s most recent expansion in the building came last year: a 1.3 MW addition with capacity to support 450 cabinets. But Equinix said its DA6 data center at the Dallas Infomart could accommodate three more similar phases, so Equinix may not be the immediate candidate to take the new space.

Dallas Infomart said it invested about $40 million in building out and optimizing data center space in the 1.6 million square foot building at 1950 Stemmons Freeway in Dallas.

The new wholesale suite is 24,000 square feet. It sits adjacent to a carrier-neutral building meet-me room, where tenants interconnect their networks.

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