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Panduit's SmartZone

Panduit SmartZone DCIM solutions encompass a comprehensive suite of instrumented hardware, modularized DCIM software and turnkey services. Based out of Tinley Park, IL, the company's solutions are focused on improving operational and performance management through automated device discovery, analytics, visualization, and actionable intelligence enabling capacity, and change and event management.

Built around the four pillars of power, space, cooling and connectivity, Panduit solutions offer integrated, accurate and real-time data that leads to greater DCIM adoption across IT infrastructure, data center operations, and facilities management.

With more than 60 years in business, Panduit has seen the decade-long evolution from physical hardware into DCIM software. Starting in 2008 with its original DCIM solution, Panduit has nurtured the focused effort in the DCIM market from a team of about 20 individuals to a division of 150-plus.

“Our DCIM focus on legacy brownfield as well as new data center builds for the mid-market, large enterprise and colocation providers via the suite of hardware, software and services that include the operational building blocks of power, space, cooling and connectivity management distinguish Panduit from other DCIM players,” said Dave Dunnigan, integrated marketing communication manager for Panduit's data center. “Not to mention that Panduit can also fully provide the physical infrastructure and instrumentation to optimize customers’ data center needs. Panduit is not simply selling DCIM as a product but as an advanced a way of looking at data center power utilization and efficiency.”

Panduit’s SmartZone platform offers additional DCIM capabilities for identifying, managing, and forecasting data center capacity to ensure maximum utilization of resources. For example, a Stranded Capacity function identifies the data center capacity that can’t be used by IT loads due to a lack of resources related to floor and rack space, power, and cooling. It then creates work orders to reclaim the stranded capacity. Similarly, a Forecasting function provides the ability to identify and forecast remaining capacity across all physical resources.

Since the first release in March 2008, Panduit’s DCIM platform now works with a wide variety of organizations spanning several verticals. Some of the clients within its Reference Customer Program include:

  • Yahoo
  • RagingWire Data Centers
  • CyruOne
  • Enquinix Singapore
  • Hertz
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