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Optimum Path's Visual Cloud Manager

Based in Tampa, FL, Optimum Path develops software for advanced visualization and planning of IT physical and logical infrastructure for cloud-based applications and services. Its Visual Data Center software has been in production since 2007, working to simplify management for owners and operators of many of the largest data centers in the world.

Founded by Jim Yuan (CEO/CTO) and Steven Webel (COO), Optimum Path solutions are designed to deliver productivity enhancements as well as cost savings. Its enterprise and SaaS applications visualize the relationships between both physical and logical connections in converged and complex environments including data centers, colocation facilities, buildings and enterprises. Furthermore, its brands - Visual Data Center, Visual BMS and Visual Cloud Manager - provide the kind of intelligence required to isolate impacts, model changes, predict capacity limits, improve uptime, reduce time-to-repair and decrease operational expenses.


As a global organization, some of Optimum Path’s reference customers include:

  • Raytheon
  • IBM
  • BBVA
  • Siemens
  • Cbeyond
  • Shell
  • CSX

Its latest product – Visual Cloud Manager – was developed in 2014 and is a highly visual and centralized management portal which enables the end-to-end management of converged infrastructure. Visual Cloud Manager unifies virtual infrastructure in a single pane of glass with spatial 3D representation for the logical and physical networks, devices, systems, facilities, and access control in highly dynamic IT environments. This new cloud delivered SaaS platform provides rich visualization and analytics which are accessible from almost anywhere. The advanced rights management framework is ideal for multi-tenant environments where delegated access level control is required and in environments where operators wish to offer new and differentiating services to customers.

“Our technology is a robust, full set of DCIM features capable of helping manage and monitor IT, facility and environmental aspects of the data center, including full workflow management module, said Steven Webel, COO of Optimum Path. “The core differentiator for us is the fact we are a 100 percent software development company. For our solutions we are able to work with other applications via integration or customize our features to meet customer needs. Finally, our platforms serve as an OEM solution in the data center space for multiple global data center software solution providers.”


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