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Friday Funny: Pick a Caption for 'Natural Lighting'
What should the bubble say?

Friday Funny: Pick a Caption for 'Natural Lighting'

Data Center Knowledge cartoon caption contest. Submit your caption and vote on last week's submissions.

No better way to get some natural light into the data center than a giant hole in the ceiling…

Diane Alber, the Arizona artist who created Kip and Gary, has a new cartoon for Data Center Knowledge’s cartoon caption contest. What do you think would be the funniest text for the bubble? Post your caption in the comments. Then, next week, our readers will vote for the best submission.

Congratulations to Jasmine, whose caption for the Easter bunny edition of Friday Funnies won that week's contest. Her caption: "He took 'cache server' quite literally."

Here's the poll for last week's Empty Cage cartoon. Please vote on the best caption:

For more cartoons on DCK, see our Humor Channel. For more of Diane’s work, visit Kip and Gary’s website.

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