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2015 IT Skills and Salary Report: The New Normal

How to navigate the no-longer-straight-forward IT career path

To say that the last few years have been economically uncertain is a woeful understatement. So is saying that IT is increasingly important to business. All of this combined can make it difficult for IT professionals to navigate what used to be a rather straightforward career path. That makes the IT Skills and Salary Report by our sister site Windows IT Pro more important than ever.

The 2015 IT Skills and Salary Survey, on which the report is based, includes insight from more than 16,300 worldwide respondents. This year the survey includes the perspective of IT decision makers on budget trends, cloud computing adoption and the impact that skills gaps are having on their organizations.

Download now and check out Windows IT Pro's analysis of the data and get access to the full report. We'll be drilling down further into specific topic areas in forthcoming stories, and we welcome your input relating your own experience on the IT job front in our polls and discussions.

This first ran on our sister site Windows IT Pro:

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