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Video: Watch a Mac Mini Fly to Space
Mac Mini Vault’s computer in the stratosphere (Photo: Mac Mini Vault)

Video: Watch a Mac Mini Fly to Space

Mac Mini hosting firm celebrates anniversary by launching one into stratosphere

While it doesn’t have an entire blimp to send soaring above Silicon Valley or fly over the NSA data center in Utah to get its message out, Mac Mini Vault, a company that provides data center space for Apple’s desktop computers used to host websites, does have one or two Mac Minis lying around.

Mac Mini Vault, a subsidiary of Wisconsin ISP and data center provider CyberLynk Networks, is one example of several data center service providers capitalizing on the growing Mac hosting niche within the colocation market. Another provider, called MacStadium, raised $1 million in funding in December 2014.

Earlier this month, Mac Mini Vault celebrated its fifth anniversary by attaching a Mac Mini along with a couple of GoPros to a helium-filled balloon and sending it flying into the stratosphere. The 6-pound payload (they removed most of the Min’s internals to meet payload-weight regulations) reached peak altitude of nearly 112,000 feet before returning back to earth.

The rig took off from a spot just outside of Blythe, California, on the bank of the Colorado River.

Here’s the video shot by the Mac hosting company’s rig during the flight:

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