Altiscale Raises $30M for Hadoop Cloud Services
Hadoop takes its name from the toy elephant that belongs to the son of Doug Cutting, a chief architect at Cloudera and one of the engineering minds behind the open source architecture.

Altiscale Raises $30M for Hadoop Cloud Services

Capital injection to fund Hadoop-as-a-Service provider's expansion

Hadoop cloud service provider Altiscale has raised $30 million in a Series B funding round led by Northgate, with participation from previous investors Sequoia Capital and General Catalyst Partners.

The two-year-old Silicon Valley company has some big competition in the Hadoop cloud services market, but feels its approach addresses a market that is looking for assistance with effectively utilizing the open source big data software.

Recently the company added the ability to use SQL to run queries on data stored in Hadoop, and partnered with Carpathia as a data center provider.

In a statement, Altiscale founder and CEO Raymie Stata, a former Yahoo CTO, said, "The simple truth is that businesses don’t want to cope with Hadoop’s complexity. They just want the insights that can be used to improve their business. We enable them to focus on generating those insights and not worry about the underlying infrastructure."

Altiscale's Hadoop-as-a-Service offering brings the elasticity of a cloud service to big data projects, while also eliminating the complexities of installing and administering Hadoop software and related applications.

Altiscale has East Coast and West Coast data center partners to deliver the service.

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