Internap Expands OpenStack Cloud Platform to Amsterdam, Integrates Horizon Dashboard
The OpenStack Horizon dashboard. (Photo: Internap video)

Internap Expands OpenStack Cloud Platform to Amsterdam, Integrates Horizon Dashboard

Internap expands OpenStack-based cloud platform, intros integrated OpenStack Horizon dashboard.


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Internap announced on Monday at the OpenStack Summit in Paris that it has expanded its OpenStack-based cloud platform AgileCLOUD to Amsterdam. It is also introducing an integrated OpenStack Horizon dashboard in the platform to give customers more control over cloud and infrastructure management.

Internap launched its AgileCLOUD platform last year at the company’s Dallas data center after months of beta testing. The platform is now available in Amsterdam, Dallas, Texas and Montreal data centers.

Horizon is the official OpenStack management dashboard, and Internap says it is one of a few OpenStack cloud providers to expose the native console.

“We use OpenStack’s Horizon dashboard to manage our extensive public cloud footprint with Internap. It gives us the ability to access the latest OpenStack services and manage and automate our cloud resources, along with an extensible framework to easily plug in third-party tools,” said Rock Rockenhaus, cloud infrastructure architect at “By integrating the Horizon dashboard, Internap has eliminated the complexity that customers running their own instance of Horizon need to contend with, such as setting up and maintaining API servers and installing the latest software – delivering the management benefits straight to customers’ fingertips and freeing them up to focus on their business.”

Internap’s Amsterdam location and Horizon portal are available through an early access program and will be generally available by December 2014.

“As the cloud becomes a cornerstone of today’s infrastructure mix, more organizations are looking for the flexibility to deploy and manage large-scale, globally distributed application environments,” Internap’s Satish Hemachandran, vice president of product management, cloud and hosting said. “The expanding footprint of our next-generation AgileCLOUD, powered by OpenStack, provides customers with worldwide reach and powerful, extensible management capabilities, like the Internap Horizon dashboard, needed to meet these demands with ease.”

AgileCLOUD includes all SSD storage and Internap’s Performance IP bandwidth to deliver higher network performance and lower latency.

Internap is offering two server tiers with AgileCLOUD. Series A servers are designed for average workloads, while Series B servers include dedicated cores and higher RAM to CPU ratio which makes it ideal for more demanding workloads like medium databases, complex websites, and scheduled batch processing.

Below is a video explaining the OpenStack Horizon dashboard from Internap:

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