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Data Center World 2011
Participants at a previous fall Data Center World Conference. (Photo by Colleen Miller, 2011)

Data Center Trends Featured at Orlando Data Center World

Keeping up with the ever-evolving technology and facilities trends in the data center industry can sometimes be challenging. To that end, data center managers and staff attend industry conferences to gain critical knowledge.

This year, Data Center Knowledge is helping with that effort, by curating a group of sessions on the latest trends at Orlando Data Center World event that begins next week.

Since August, we have reported on some of the featured trends by talking with panelists and speakers. In case you missed the posts, here's a recap. Enjoy!

Register Now for Orlando Data Center World

Orlando Data Center World kicks off on October 19, featuring sessions, networking and more, including the Data Center Knowledge curated industry 20 trends. Check out the conference and register at Orlando Data Center World conference page.

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