RiT Integrates Network Management Into DCIM
A PatchView+ fiber panel (source: RiT)

RiT Integrates Network Management Into DCIM

The company's Patchview+ network management product now tightly coupled with its CenterView DCIM

RiT Technologies has integrated its data center infrastructure management software CenterMind with PatchView+, the company’s connectivity management solution. The vendor also added a new tablet application for automated work order administration for its data center management tool and upgraded report center that proactively sends alerts on unplanned network changes.

CenterMind Patchview is a DCIM platform that provides asset, energy and capacity management and planning. The integration of PatchView deepens network connectivity management in the data center management tool.

RiT’s network management capabilities in PatchView are advanced, making for a potential differentiator for the company in the DCIM space. The two pieces are most likely already tightly coupled in RiT customer deployments, so it makes sense to bring PatchView officially under the CenterMind umbrella.

Network connectivity management helps data centers optimize utilization of assets and minimize potential disruptions. It is used for detecting points of failure, preventing downtime, eliminating congestion and hot spots and generally improving network output.

PatchView provides real-time visibility and control of all physical network components. It provides status of devices and their current location, including switches, servers, switch ports and connected devices.

PatchView supports mixed interconnect, cross-connect and combined topologies. It supports copper and fiber cabling. The architecture does not require extra rack space to support an unlimited number of ports.

The DCIM market is expected to grow next year. This has been a prediction by many analyst firms and providers for many years, but points of differentiation are beginning to emerge. DCIM vendors need to provide a variety of monitoring and management; the initial hook into a customer is usually one specific capability. RiT seems to be hoping its network connectivity management will be that hook.

“Unnecessary downtime due to preventable equipment failure can put organizations needlessly at operational risk,” said Alex Shar, CTO of RiT. “Our enhanced CenterMind Solution helps enterprise data center managers resolve network issues quickly, taking the guess work out of troubleshooting and maintenance work; providing managers with greater intelligence by bringing together all the variables needed to respond quicker to business changes.”

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