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Magic Quadrant for Data Center Infrastructure Management Tools (DCIM)
Gartner’s first ever DCIM Magic Quadrant report adds some clarity to the DCIM market (source: Gartner)

Magic Quadrant for Data Center Infrastructure Management Tools (DCIM)

DCIM tools create the insights needed to provide solid ongoing value to the business through enhancing the lifecycle management. Now, find out who the top key DCIM players are in the market.

Your data center has become a critical component of your business. So much so that many business initiatives are actually planned around the capabilities of IT.

The emergence of cloud, IT consumerization, and a lot more data has forced the data center to evolve and support new demands.

Through it all, data center management and control sit at the top of an administrator’s task list. This is because power, energy consumption, and efficiency are all critical pieces of keeping a business running and a data center healthy.

IT and business executives have realized that hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy and operational costs can be saved by improved physical infrastructure planning, by minor system reconfiguration, and by small process changes.

The systems which allow management to leverage these savings consist of modern data center physical infrastructure (i.e., power and cooling) management software tools. Legacy reporting systems, designed to support traditional data centers, are no longer adequate for new agile data centers that need to manage constant capacity changes and dynamic loads.

This new Gartner report reviews 17 vendors of Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solutions. Based on its own expert analysis and backed up by in-depth interviews with users in the space, Gartner has published the Magic Quadrant for Data Center Infrastructure Management Tools for the first time. The report brings insight and clarity to the fast-moving field of DCIM.

Download this report now for your opportunity to:

  • Compare 17 DCIM vendors
  • Determine which DCIM technology providers meet your prioritized needs
  • Learn why Gartner recognizes Nlyte Software as a leader for DCIM tools based on its ability to execute and completeness of vision

DCIM tools deliver the insights needed to provide ongoing value to the businesses by enhancing the lifecycle management of equipment, enabling better technical refreshes to be managed with little or no downtime, and providing meaningful advice to the business regarding its options when new workloads are needed to support the organization’s ongoing strategy.

As the data center becomes more critical for the modern organization, key technologies like SDDC and DCIM will drive data center optimization. A truly efficient data center not only optimizes data control, it also positively impacts the end-user.

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