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Tyan First Out With Commercial OpenPOWER Reference System
Tyan’s TYAN GN70-BP010 is based on IBM Power 8 structure (Photo: Tyan)

Tyan First Out With Commercial OpenPOWER Reference System

Taiwanese manufacturer launches 2U server based on IBM's POWER 8 chips and OpenPOWER design concept

Tyan, the server brand of Taiwanese electronics manufacturing giant Mitac, rolled out the first OpenPOWER customer reference system, available at the end of the month.

Led by IBM, OpenPOWER is a potentially disruptive development alliance. It allows other companies to license the intellectual property for IBM's POWER platform, making POWER hardware and software available to open development. The hope is to enable unprecedented customization and new styles of server hardware for a variety of computing workloads. Tyan, considered an original design manufacturer, was one of IBM's initial partners in the consortium and today became the first out of the gate with a commercial customer reference system based on the architecture.

An alternative to server chips produced by vendors in the ARM ecosystem, OpenPOWER now has more than 60 members and continues to increase momentum.

Tyan's new reference system is based on IBM Power 8 structure. It is called TYAN GN70-BP010. It allows end users to deploy software based on the OpenPOWER architecture tailored to their requirements.

The 2U Palmetto system contains:

  • 1 IBM Power 8 Turismo SCM processor
  • 4 240-pin R-DDR3 1600/1333Mhz w ECC DIMM
  • 8 2.5” /3.5” hot-swap HDD and supports multiple PCI-E G3 ports
  • 4 SATA -III 6.0Gb/s ports with 1 CPU and heatsink
  • 4 4GB DDR-3 and
  • 1 500GB 3.5” HDD L10 system

“Open resources, management flexibility, and hardware customization are becoming more important to IT experts across various industries,” Tyan vice president Albert Mu said in a statement. “As the first commercialized customer reference system provided from an official member from the OpenPOWER ecosystem, the Tyan GN70-BP010 is based on the POWER 8 Architecture and follows the OpenPOWER Foundation’s design concept.”

IBM recently positioned a new system incorporating OpenPOWER to better address Big Data challenges.

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