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IoT Networking Consortium Membership Jumps
The OIC seeks to improve interoperability in the Internet of Things (IoT) with open specifications.

IoT Networking Consortium Membership Jumps

Open Interconnect Consortium adds 27 companies to membership list

The Open Interconnect Consortium, an industry association focused on networking for the Internet of Things, announced its membership has reached 32 members.

The OIC seeks to define connectivity requirements to improve interoperability between billions of devices making up the IoT. This standard will be an open specification that anyone can implement and will be easy for developers to use.

The standard will include IP protection and branding for certified devices (via compliance testing) and service-level interoperability. There will be an open source implementation of the standard.

Open consortiums currently rule the roost for all things Internet Infrastructure, with organizations popping up across the entire stack in order to help drive innovation through openness.

OIC is a young organization founded in July. The original five founding group companies were Atmel, Dell, Intel, Samsung Electronics and Wind River.

The OIC board comprises of a diverse leadership drawn from companies that span a broad range of industry verticals, including Samsung, Intel, MediaTek and Cisco employees.

New member companies include Acer, ActnerLab, Allion, Aepona, Cisco, Cryptosoft Ltd, Eyeball Networks, Global Channel Resource, Gluu, IIOT Foundation, InFocus, Laplink Software, Mashery, McAfee, MediaTek, Metago, NewAer, Nitero, OSS Nokalva Inc., Realtek Semiconductor Corp., Remo Software, Roost, SmartThings, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Thug Design, VMC and Zula.

“We are following a proven path of innovation with the OIC by encouraging industry-wide collaboration, and our board members represent our commitment to provide a standard across a broad range of market sectors facing challenges from emerging IoT technology trends,” said Jong-Deok Choi, executive vice president and deputy head of Software R&D Center at Samsung and OIC president. “Our leadership and growing membership will create a single standard to solve connectivity and interoperability challenges in order to support the billions of connected devices coming online.”

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