Online Tech Steps Outside of Michigan
Online Tech’s new Indianapolis data center. Lucas Oil stadium is in the background, home of the NFL’s Colts (Source: Online Tech)

Online Tech Steps Outside of Michigan

Provider invests $10M in data center and upgrades, including EMC and Cisco UCS cloud infrastructure

Online Tech’s Indianapolis data center is open for business after the company completed several upgrades. The 3-megawatt facility's acquisition and upgrades amounted to a $10 million investment.

The 44,000-square-foot data center is the company’s fifth data center and its first outside of Michigan, where it operates four facilities, totaling 100,000 square feet of space. Online Tech is targeting compliance-minded businesses, a market it says is underserved in Indianapolis.

The company announced it had acquired building in May. It was previously used as a data center but required significant work, according to the provider.

“One of the first upgrades we made was replace the power infrastructure circuits," Yan Ness, an Online Tech co-CEO, said. "We also installed new PDUs that meet our needs.

The company also installed a new hardware infrastructure to support cloud services. The setup includes EMC storage and Cisco UCS servers and network equipment.

The infrastructure enables Online Tech to move and share workloads between its Indianapolis and Michigan locations. "That will allow us to do some cool things for customers,” Ness said.

The company performed physical remodeling as well, focusing efforts on things that met customers’ non-technical needs. “We wanted the facility to be more than just a data center for customers. We wanted it to be their IT shop and their home away from home, so we built in meeting rooms, office space, a kitchen and lots of other amenities that make the space really livable as a day-to-day office space and meeting space for them,” Ness said.

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