DataTorrent Data Stream Processing Marries Pivotal Hadoop Distro
DataTorrent’s visualization of customer data flowing into a company’s data center in real time. (Source: DataTorrent promo video)

DataTorrent Data Stream Processing Marries Pivotal Hadoop Distro

Prominent Big Data startup a big win for Pivotal’s partner program

DataTorrent, a startup with a data stream processing platform on Apache Hadoop, has joined the network of partners of Pivotal, which has certified the solution for its Hadoop distribution called Pivotal HD.

DataTorrent is a major win for Pivotal’s One Partner Program set up to cross-sell between its own and the partners’ prospects and customers. It is a prominent startup with some heavyweight venture capital backing and a founder who was involved in Hadoop’s development in its early stages.

DataTorrent RTS, the company’s core product, went into general availability less than four months ago. Phu Hoang, its CEO and co-founder, started at Yahoo in 1996 when the company had only six engineers and didn’t leave for more than 11 years.

Hoang was involved in developing Hadoop when he was at Yahoo. Doug Cutting, who was one of Hadoop’s forefathers, was working at Yahoo when the open source framework was born in 2005, naming it after his son’s toy elephant.

DataTorrent’s $750,000 in seed funding came in 2012 from a group of investors that included Jerry Yang, a Yahoo co-founder and its former CEO. The company raised $8 million in a Series A round in June 2013, led by August Capital.

Unlike batch processing, which Hadoop was originally developed to do, data stream processing enables Big Data analytics in real time. The use of data stream processing has been on the rise, as demand for decision making on the fly grows.

DataTorrent RTS is designed to accelerate data ingestion and processing but also has enterprise-friendly aspects, such as scalability and availability.

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