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Report: Mysterious Espiritus LLC Buys Former Condé Nast Data Center in Delaware
Condé Nast techs ripping old Sun servers out of the recently decomissioned data center in Newark, Delaware. (Source: AWS video on YouTube)

Report: Mysterious Espiritus LLC Buys Former Condé Nast Data Center in Delaware

Publisher’s parent company Advance Publications sells property for estimated $3 million

The Delaware data center recently vacated by Advance Publications, a media company that owns numerous publishing outfits, including Condé Nast, has been sold to a mysterious company called Espirit LLC, The News Journal reported citing property records.

The building was sold in August, and the news outfit estimated that the sale price was about $3 million, based on the amount of taxes the seller paid on the deal disclosed in New Castle County records.

Not much is known about Espirit, other than the fact that it is incorporated in Delaware. But Delaware, because of its regulatory environment, is the go-to state for incorporation in the U.S.

Condé Nast moved out of the data center and moved its entire infrastructure onto the Amazon Web Services cloud. The publisher puts out some of the most popular magazines in the country, such as Vanity Fair, Vogue, The New Yorker and Wired, and owns a number of major web properties, including Ars Technica and Reddit.

The Newark data center is about 70,000 square feet. Condé Nast CTO Joe Simon told in July that the building had already been sold.

According to records reviewed by The News Journal, however, it was transferred to new owners in late August.

See an earlier Data Center Knowledge post that features a video of Condé Nast data center techs packing up servers during the move.

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