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Global Switch Completes First Phase of New Sydney Data Center
Global Switch’s Sydney East data center (Photo: Global Switch)

Global Switch Completes First Phase of New Sydney Data Center

Three-phase project will provide 32 megawatts at full build-out.

Global Switch launched the first phase of Sydney East, its tenth data center. The facility is built on the provider’s campus next to its existing Sydney West data center, adjacent to the city's Central Business District (CBD).

The two data centers that are part of the project are expected to reach $300 million in cost, with the entire campus providing 67 megawatts of utility power and about 721,182 square feet of gross space.

Sydney East will provide about 280,000 square feet with 32 megawatts of utility power to the data center when all three stages are complete. Sydney West next door is one of the largest data centers in the region, with about 450,000 square feet of space and 35 megawatt of power.

The nearby CBD is home to some of the largest Australian companies and acts as an Asia Pacific headquarters to many international companies. The financial services industry is particularly active in the area.

Many of these companies look to use colocation and leverage cloud, and Global Switch offers a sizable well-connected campus.

The new data center offers high-density power solutions as well as energy efficient design features. It uses free cooling, reconfigurable power and cooling distribution and a green roof for thermal protection and solar glare reduction. The company will seek LEED Gold rating for the data center by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Sydney East has direct access to the network-dense Sydney West facility. This includes more than 50 network and cloud providers, including Amazon Direct Connect. The addition of Sydney East means the campus provides four diverse entry points and six meet-me rooms.

Australia has seen healthy cloud adoption. Data center growth follows in support.

Damon Reid, managing director at Global Switch, said, “Our location on the edge of the CBD, which is an important characteristic across our portfolio, is a key driver and is proving very attractive to both service providers and end users.”

Global Switch is building up its infrastructure to serve the larger Asia Pacific region, as well as for international companies looking to serve the region.

“Global Switch Sydney is a core node not just for Sydney and Australia but in terms of connectivity and services, a key hub for the Asia Pacific region as a whole,” said Global Switch CEO and Executive Chairman John Corcoran. “With our data center in Singapore also having significant sub-sea cable system infrastructure present and our new data center in Hong Kong underway, Global Switch is developing a truly large-scale data center platform serving the world’s largest companies.”

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