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Video: Activist Blimp’s July 4th NSA Data Center Flyover
EFF, Greenpeace and the Tenth Amendment Center organized a flyover in June 2014 above the NSA’s Bluffdale, Utah, data center. (Photo: Greenpeace)

Video: Activist Blimp’s July 4th NSA Data Center Flyover

Anti-surveillance protest by EFF, Greenpeace and Tenth Amendment Center documented in video.

On July 4th, a group of U.S. activist organizations flew an airship over the National Security Agency’s massive data center in Bluffdale, Utah, in protest of the agency’s overzealous data collection from the global communications networks.

The group consisted of representatives from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Greenpeace and the Tenth Amendment Center.

The activists flew Greenpeace’s A.E. Bates thermal airship over the facility – the same airship Greenpeace flew over the Silicon Valley in April to praise Google and Facebook for their efforts to clean up sources of the power they use to power their data centers and to shame Twitter, Netflix, Amazon and Pinterest for not doing enough in that regard.

The EFF posted a video of preparations for the NSA flyover and the actual flyover Tuesday:

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