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Codero Hosting Launches Proactive Managed Hosting Service
Inside one of Codero’s data centers (Photo: Codero)

Codero Hosting Launches Proactive Managed Hosting Service

New service offers entire infrastructure management up to the application layer.


This article originally appeared at The WHIR

Codero Hosting announced on Tuesday that it has launched a new Proactive Managed Hosting service, which manages all IT infrastructure up to the application layer, including the data center infrastructure, networks, networking devices, and more.

Codero’s new managed hosting service allows customers to hand off the management of hybrid hosting, elastic block storage, private or public cloud, dedicated services, networks devices, and more.

According to Codero, customers have been using Proactive Managed Hosting in beta for nearly six months. So far, feedback has been positive as customers report significant savings.

Earlier this year, Codero received $8 million in financing to deploy data centers in the US and Europe and to expand its hosting portfolio.

“We created Codero Proactive Managed Hosting in response to customer and industry requests for a more integrated service that takes advantage of the automation benefits of our existing on-demand hosting platform,” Emil Sayegh, CEO of Codero Hosting said. “Internet-dependent businesses can now rely on Codero Proactive Managed Hosting in tandem with all of our other offerings for an unmatched curated service powered by a dedicated team of experts.  Customers get a fundamentally better and more cost-effective way to manage their IT infrastructure so they can instead focus on business.”

Customers of Proactive Managed Hosting have access to a dedicated team of engineers, acting as an extension to their internal IT departments.

Automation is another focus of Codero’s new managed hosting offering. Customers benefit from improved monitoring and provisioning tools.

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