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Top 5 Data Center Stories, Week of July 25th
Google’s Urs Holzle writes that the white buttons on the front of each of its “corkboard servers” are reset buttons. (Photo: Google)

Top 5 Data Center Stories, Week of July 25th

Here's a look at some of the most popular stories on Data Center Knowledge for the week of July 25th.

For your weekend reading, we present a recap of five noteworthy stories that appeared on Data Center Knowledge this past week.

From 112 Servers to $5B Spent on Google Data Centers Per QuarterIt was only 15 years ago that Google was running on slightly more than 100 servers, stacked in racks Sergey Brin and Larry Page put together themselves using cheap parts – including insulating corkboard pads – to cut down the cost of their search engine infrastructure.

Lessons Of the Newark Data Center Cogeneration Project Fiasco - When you announce your next project, will it be greeted with praise or protest? That’s an important question for data center developers in the wake of the collapse of a controversial project in Delaware.

Private Microsoft Azure Connect Available in More Equinix Locations - Microsoft has added seven Equinix data centers to the list of locations from which customers can connect privately to its Azure cloud.

Photo Tour: CenturyLink and IO Light Up Phoenix Data Center - The data center’s opening marks completion of the initial phase in a partnership between the two companies that is unique in the industry. CenturyLink is essentially taking over the role of the data center provider at the site.

Rackspace to Use Another Texas Mall as Office Real EstateMaking a habit out of using defunct malls as office buildings, Rackspace has agreed to lease a building in Austin, Texas, that used to house the Highland Mall.

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