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Interxion Launches Private Links to Azure and AWS Across Europe
An Interxion data center in La Courneuve, a Paris suburb. (Photo: Interxion)

Interxion Launches Private Links to Azure and AWS Across Europe

Customers in nearly 40 data centers across 11 countries can link directly to Amazon's and Microsoft's public clouds

European carrier neutral colocation provider Interxion is now offering private connections to both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure clouds. Interxion’s new private connections will span all of its 37 data centers across 11 countries.

The service enables customers in multi-tenant data centers connect directly to public clouds, bypassing the public Internet. It offers higher security, better throughput and reliability and lower latency connections between customer data centers and public cloud services.

Connections are provided through Amazon Direct Connect partners and Microsoft ExpressRoute partners. Network partners to AWS and Azure include Level 3, Verizon, AT&T, IX Reach and BT, all of which have points of presence in Interxion’s data centers.

Interxion's cloud-neutral strategy

Interxion has maintained a “cloud-neutral” stance, indicating that it has no intentions of moving up the stack and offering cloud services itself, instead focusing on connecting customers to whatever clouds they want.

Not offering cloud itself ensures the company doesn’t potentially step on the toes of its customers who provide cloud services out of its data centers. Interxion has noted it has seen high growth for its colocation services among European cloud providers, necessitating acceleration of expansion in Amsterdam and Frankfurt.

Local cloud providers have done well in Europe, as each country desires local cloud that conforms to a given country’s data laws. Offering private connections to the leading public clouds extends Interxion’s cloud connectivity services, raising its appeal among enterprises looking to use hybrid infrastructures.

“Our data centers act as a true Cloud Hub, enabling interconnection between cloud services providers, their customers and channel partners, making it attractive to customers building and managing reliable and high performance hybrid IT solutions,” said Vincent in’t Veld, director of cloud segment at Interxion. “Thanks to our rich carrier community, our customers are provided with a choice to order services from. For example, in London, Frankfurt, Paris and Amsterdam we have at least six AWS Direct Connect and all four network partners for Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute.”

Competitor Equinix recently rolled out Azure ExpressRoute globally, including in Europe. Retail colocation providers in general are recognizing the benefits of offering public cloud through private connections, treating cloud as not a threat to colocation, but as a complementary offering.

Interxion plans on enabling similar solutions with other cloud providers in the future. The company has also partnered with OnApp and Dell for CloudPOD, a quick way for customers to stand up clouds in its data centers.

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