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Why Real-Time Data Center Intelligence Pays Off

Find out why real-time data center intelligence can really pay off.

How do you control something you can't monitor and don't see? It’s a novel idea but modern data center requirements have actually gone even further than that. Real-time data center monitoring is critical not only for the health of your infrastructure, but for the success of your business model.

Capacity planning is still one of the most challenging aspects of building a data center due to the complexity and number of variables. Proactive capacity management ensures optimal availability of four critical data center resources: rack space, power, cooling and network connectivity. All four of these must be in balance for the data center to function most efficiently in terms of operations, resources and associated costs. Putting in place a holistic capacity plan prior to building a data center is a best practice that goes far to ensure optimal operations.

IT and facility managers face a host of infrastructure challenges, with capacity issues at the top of the list:

  • Stranded/lost capacity/fragmentation
  • Running out of data center resources
  • Finding optimal space for critical business assets
  • Requirement for CapEx spending to address capacity issues

In this whitepaper from Panduit, we learn that the only real way to control these challenges is to have real-time, proactive visibility into all critical data center operations and resources. Without data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solutions, many data center managers cannot access data center intelligence to understand and improve capacity utilization, to determine if there is stranded capacity, or to proactively provision capacity when adding floor space or building a new data center.

Download this whitepaper today to learn how data center capacity management helps optimize four areas at the same time:

  • Rackspace
  • Network Connectivity
  • Power
  • Cooling

In using The Panduit SmartZone Solution, data center administrators are able to address a company’s power and energy usage challenges, capacity constraints, and environmental issues in order to provide the tools and information needed to make intelligent decisions for its data operations.

Remember, as your business and IT needs evolve, it will be critical to have the right tools in place to help your organization stay agile and extensible.

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