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Rackspace CTO John Engates on Developing Native Support for Docker

Service provider uses Docker itself but is also working on native cloud support that can work with any cloud

Docker, a hot new name in the cloud infrastructure world, held its first big conference called DockerCon in San Franco this week.

Docker is an open source technology that creates Linux “containers” for applications which make it easy to move apps from one type of infrastructure to another. The idea is to free developers from worrying about what kind of infrastructure their app is going to run on.

The containers ensure the same application can run unchanged on laptops, virtual machines, on premises or in the cloud.

There is also a company called Docker, which dresses the technology with enterprise features and provides commercial support. Docker the company released its first commercial product this week in conjunction with DockerCon.

Docker has been around for only 15 months but already enjoys support from numerous industry giants, including Google, Amazon Web Services, Red Hat and Rackspace.

John Engates, Rackspace CTO, delivered an opening keynote at DockerCon, talking about the ways Rackspace uses Docker and works with the company to create native support for the technology that will work with any cloud.

Rackspace has posted a video with highlights from Engates’ presentation:

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