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A data center module by Schneider Electric on display at a trade show

Schneider Adds More Colo-Friendly Functionality To DCIM

The latest iteration of Schneider Electric's Struxureware offers increased colocation management capabilities.

The latest iteration of Schneider Electric's data center infrastructure management software adds  more functionality for colocation providers. The multi-tenant data center industry is a major focus for vendors because it is growing much faster than the enterprise data center space.

Companies like Digital Realty, CoreSite and RagingWire are using DCIM as a way to improve efficiency as well as bring differentiated value to customers. It helps to improve transparency and improves operations from both the operator and customer perspective.

Several DCIM vendors, such as Fieldview Solutions, have noted an uptake in DCIM by colocation providers.  Tenants increasingly want to understand temperature and power chain in the data center. Some also need asset management solutions.

Schneider's StruxureWare Data Center Operation v7.4. features updated capabilities to help colocation data center operators accurately bill tenants, determine available leasing space and avoid overspending on capital and operational expenses.

“We made it a point to fill in some unmet needs we were hearing from customers with other industry DCIM solutions, particularly when it comes to data and actionable intelligence,” Soeren Brogaard Jensen, vice president of Schneider's Solution Software division, said. “There is a great demand for accurate monitoring and measurement of colocation environments, as well as the need to reduce stranded capacity, right-size the data center and make the most of existing DCIM systems for all types of data centers.”

StruxureWare has provided colocation, power and network management before, but the latest release provides deeper granularity into each and includes some visual upgrades, such as visual port mapping.

Here are the major enhancements in 7.4:

  • Colocation management: new capabilities include paired receptacles to provide an overview of complete power redundancy at the case or rack level; cage and rack-based power overview; accurate tenant billing; enhanced tenant data; improved cage drawings.
  •  Power monitoring: ability to manage capacity and conduct impact analysis down to the breaker level (a feature unique to Schneider Electric’s StruxureWare solution); branch circuit monitoring and the ability to print breaker panel schedules.
  •  Network management: graphic network connections; visual port mapping; cable route and type visualization and network impact analysis


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