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Big Data News: Cloudera, MongoDB Will Partner

Big Data News: Cloudera, MongoDB Will Partner

In Big Data news, Cloudera and MongoDB are partnering on enterprise Hadoop, Radoop releases version 2.0 of its big data analytics platform, and TIBCO launches Spotfire 6.5 of its analytics platform

In Big Data news, Cloudera and MongoDB are partnering on enterprise Hadoop, Radoop releases version 2.0 of its big data analytics platform, and TIBCO launches Spotfire 6.5 of its leading analytics platform.

Cloudera and MongoDB join forces. Cloudera and MongoDB announced a strategic partnership that will enable customers to easily develop, operate and manage big data infrastructure that powers modern applications. The current MongoDB Connector for Hadoop, a plugin for Hadoop that provides the ability to use MongoDB as an input source and/or an output destination for Hadoop data, is certified on Cloudera Enterprise 5 and is available for use by joint customers today. "Volume, variety and velocity all strain traditional operational databases, calling for a fundamental reconsideration of how companies store and process data," said Cloudera's Chairman of the Board and Chief Strategy Officer Mike Olson. "A Hadoop-powered enterprise data hub is an alternative center for data storage and analytics, and together with MongoDB, we empower companies to keep all of their data in full fidelity and at minimal cost, in order to power the data needs of all connected applications and IT infrastructure."

Radoop releases 2.0 of big data analytics. Big data analytics company Radoop released version 2.0 of its flagship analytics software, and that it has several new customers. Radoop 2.0 is a big data analytics product that can be used by business analysts and data scientists with no programming at all. It is integrated with RapidMiner, one of the Leaders in advanced analytics recently recognized by Gartner. The current 2.0 release increases the number of Hadoop operators to more than 50, including data transformation, data cleansing, and many predictive analytics features. This release also adds support for YARN, the new resource management layer for Hadoop 2.0, and to the latest Cloudera and Hortonworks distributions. “We are happy to see so many companies extracting value from big data by using our products and services,” said Zoltan Prekopcsak, CEO of Radoop. “We continue to innovate and add the latest functionalities of the vibrant Hadoop ecosystem to our products and present them on a streamlined user interface. It enables analysts to extract business value without the need to be an expert in dozens of Hadoop components.”

TIBCO launches Spotfire 6.5. TIBCO (TIBX) announced the availability of TIBCO Spotfire 6.5, the latest version of TIBCO's leading analytics platform. The new release builds on Spotfire's strength in Location Analytics, adding support for Esri ArcGIS and WMS location data, and gives customers access to a wealth of demographic, climate, geographic, and other data sources, as well as map projections that will add new layers of insight to location-based analyses. Also included in this release of Spotfire 6.5 is the updated single-seat Spotfire desktop product, which provides the full power and ease of use of the Spotfire platform for individual users. "TIBCO continues to emphasize ease of use with version 6.5 of Spotfire," said Dan Vesset, program VP, business analytics and big data, IDC. "Easy connectivity to key data sources for app development, a desktop version, and even support for Esri ArcGIS seem likely to please many."

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