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T5 Lands Financial Customer in Atlanta Data Center
Exterior of the T5 data center in Alpharetta, Georgia. (Photo: T5 Data Centers).

T5 Lands Financial Customer in Atlanta Data Center

Following recent leasing success in Dallas, T5 data centers has landed another big deal with a financial customer in its Alpharetta, Georgia facility.

T5 Data Centers continues to attract financial customers to its data centers. The company announced the signing of a new lease with an undisclosed New York-based financial services company for space in its Alpharetta, Georgia data center, dubbed T5@Atlanta.

"T5 continues to attract discerning customers such as financial services companies and healthcare firms that need to maintain sensitive data, and address security as part of their own compliance requirements," said Tim Bright, Senior Vice President, of T5 Data Centers. "They come to T5 because of our reputation for reliable service, operational stability across our national portfolio, our willingness to customize our security, and power redundancy and resiliency. With backgrounds in Enterprise Data Center development, operations, and consulting, T5 approaches data center design differently by designing the kind of data center our clients would build themselves, even before we start customization."

T5@Atlanta is a 100,000 square foot, Tier III server-ready data center, with nearly 55,000 square feet of raised floor.  The critical IT power load installed is 6,000 kilowatts, expandable to 9,000. The facility consists of multiple data suite sizes and densities within a secure, bunkered facility. Each data hall is separated by slab-to-deck, fire-rated walls.

One unique feature of the facility is its power redundancy. Five separate substations including two on Georgia Power’s “Hi-Reli” system for mission-critical users feed T5@ATLANTA. The 25-kilovolt feeds from the substations are encased in concrete with an automatic transfer switch on site. Three additional substations can also feed the facility if necessary.

T5 has seven sites across the United States in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Charlotte with new projects announced in Portland, New York, and Colorado. The company recently reported leasing success at its Dallas campus, where it has leased 15 megawatts of wholesale space. T5 most recently entered the New York market with a facility in Westchester. Each data center is purpose-built to give customers total control of their own dedicated hall.

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