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Fusion-io Accelerates SQL Server 2014

Fusion-io Accelerates SQL Server 2014

Unlocking performance gains for MS-SQL, Fusion-io announced that the ioMemory platform has been optimized for performance with SQL Server 2014.

Unlocking performance gains for MS-SQL, Fusion-io announced that the ioMemory platform has been optimized for performance with Microsoft SQL Server 2014, which was made generally available on Tuesday as a part of Microsoft's data platform.

The Fusion ioMemory platform builds upon the in-memory innovation in SQL Server 2014, delivering up to 4x improvements in transactions per second and a significant reduction in data latencies. SQL Server 2014 delivers new in-memory capabilities built into the core database for online transaction processing (OLTP) that speeds the process to analyze real-time transaction data.

“We have seen in-Memory OLTP capabilities in SQL Server 2014 provide tremendous performance improvements to business applications,” said Eron Kelly, general manager, SQL Server product marketing, Microsoft. “Adding the Fusion ioMemory platform to an existing SQL Server 2014 in-memory OLTP configuration can deliver up to 4x additional performance gains, building on our in-memory innovation to provide even greater performance benefits so customers can quickly uncover valuable business insights from their data and transform their business with greater scale at a low total cost of ownership.”

Fusion-io’s persistent, high capacity ioMemory platform gives servers native access to flash memory to improve data center efficiency. Fusion-io also supports Buffer Pool Extension, a new feature in SQL Server 2014. With Buffer Pool Extension and low latency Fusion-io flash memory, customers now have the ability to drastically reduce the amount of user wait time throughout their database environment. It integrates into the SQL Server 2014 Database Engine buffer pool to significantly improve I/O throughput and reduce disk latency by offloading clean data pages from traditional storage to flash.

Fusion-io will embark on a 35-city tour appearing at Microsoft Technology Centers (MTCs) worldwide to showcase how Fusion ioMemory products maximize SQL Server 2014.

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