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IBM Brings New Disaster Recovery and Managed Security Services to SoftLayer Cloud Customers

IBM Brings New Disaster Recovery and Managed Security Services to SoftLayer Cloud Customers

Through IBM’s cloud resilience portfolio, new disaster recovery and managed security services were added for SoftLayer cloud customers.

logo-WHIRThis article originally appeared at The WHIR.

IBM added new disaster recovery and managed security services for SoftLayer cloud customers on Monday. The new services are available through IBM’s cloud resilience portfolio.

The new disaster recovery services will give SoftLayer customers access to IBM’s Cloud Virtualized Server Recovery managed service, which helps customers recover applications, servers and cloud-based data in the event of an outage. VSR allows SoftLayer customers to replicate entire systems in real-time, which helps customers minimize the impact of downtime.

Disaster recovery is still relevant despite the increasing use of cloud storage and multi-cloud approaches for data backup. Disaster recovery helps automate the process of recovering crucial business information, ensuring customers can go back to business as usual as quickly as possible after an outage or other event.

SoftLayer customers will also have access to IBM’s Resiliency Consulting Services which help assess resiliency, and offer planning and design as well as implementation and testing services. The services include Resiliency Consulting for Cloud, Cloud Managed Backup, Cloud Data Virtualization, Cloud Application Resiliency and the afformentioned Cloud Virtualized Server Recovery.

As part of the announcement, IBM is also opening two new cloud-based resiliency centers in Raleigh, North Carolina and Mumbai, India, respectively.

These facilities are in addition to 15 global centers planned by SoftLayer and the 50 BCRS Resiliency Centers which will speed recovery times by eliminitating network latency. The centers also offer customers the ability to meet local and federal data residency compliance regulations, IBM says.

At the beginning of the year, IBM announced that it would invest over $1.2 billion to expand its global cloud footprint, adding 13 SoftLayer data centers. The first of the new SoftLayer data centers opened last month in Hong Kong.

SoftLayer customers will also have access to new security services, which deliver threat management for firewall and intrusion detection and prevention management and monitoring services.

By leveraging IBM’s security opeartion and intelligence analysts, SoftLayer clients will be able to quickly identify threats and potential vulnerabilities, according to IBM. The services can be integrated with on-premise security equipment as well.

Later this year, IBM will introduce enhanced DDoS protection, web and email protection, as well as managed endpoint protection services for SoftLayer cloud customers.

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