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Zettaset Adds Data-in-Motion Encryption for Hadoop

Big data management company Zettaset has added a new data-in-motion encryption capability to its Orchestrator management and security add-on application for Hadoop.

Big data management company Zettaset has added a new data-in-motion encryption capability to its Orchestrator management and security add-on application for Hadoop. Data-in-motion encryption provides organizations with an additional layer of protection for their Hadoop clusters and sensitive data, eliminating access by unauthorized users.

Orchestrator data-in-motion encryption ensures that all networking connections to the Orchestrator web-based console are completely secure within a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) tunnel. Communication links between all cluster nodes are encrypted and authenticated to eliminate the possibility of unauthorized access to data by anyone within the corporate network or Hadoop cluster.

“Risks associated with Hadoop projects include security and privacy challenges,” wrote Gartner Research Director & Analyst, Bhavish Sood. “Hadoop certainly wasn’t built with enterprise IT environments in mind because there is a shortage of robust security controls in Hadoop."

The addition of in-motion encryption comes after the company announced data-at-rest encryption capabilities last fall. Node performance with encryption is especially critical as more enterprise customers scale up their Hadoop clusters and move from pilot to production. Orchestrator’s management console automates virtually all manual configuration processes within Hadoop, eliminating the need for professional services and reducing IT resource requirements in the enterprise.

As a part of the Orchestrator solution, encrypting data-in-motion adds to the list of benefits, including others like fine-grained role-based access control, automated active directory and LDAP integration, activity monitoring, automated installation and configuration of security components into the Hadoop cluster, and patented high-availability to ensure that every Hadoop service is protected with automated fail-over. Data-in-motion encryption for Hadoop will be bundled with every Orchestrator application license.

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