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SAP HANA Powers Operations Bundle To Fuel Big Data Insights

SAP launches an intelligent operations bundle to help the enterprise infuse big data insights in real-time, and HP unveils a new ConvergedSystem for SAP HANA portfolio of integrated systems.

SAP has launched an intelligent operations bundle to help the enterprise infuse big data insights in real-time, while HP has unveiled a new ConvergedSystem for SAP HANA portfolio of integrated systems.

At the Gartner Business Process Management Summit in London this week SAP launched an intelligent business operations bundle to help organizations infuse big data insights in real time into their processes to work smarter and improve responsiveness to threats and opportunities. With enterprises struggling to have one single view of processes and making use of big data in a way that empowers users, the new operations bundle from SAP allows organizations to embed Big Data insights into their processes in real time.

"The full value of Big Data only comes when you embed its insights in your business processes," said Sanjay Chikarmane, senior vice president and general manager, Global Technology Solutions, SAP. "With the new intelligent business operations offering, we aim to help organizations to make use of Big Data in real time to run their processes more efficiently and intelligently. This solution lets customers take advantage of the convergence of process technology and operational intelligence which is considered to be the next generation of business process management."

The new offering is based on the SAP HANA platform and features SAP Operational Process Intelligence software, SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration software, SAP Event hStream Processor, and SAP PowerDesigner software. It allows for complete upstream and downstream visibility among process documentation, implementation and analysis by sharing common standards-based process, data and interface models.

HP's Fast Path to SAP HANA

HP (HPQ) unveiled the HP ConvergedSystem for SAP HANA, a portfolio of integrated systems that are purpose-built to deliver clients a fast path to value when using the SAP HANA platform. The new portfolio delivers clients the architecture to quickly deploy these next-generation data management platforms with systems that can easily scale to meet evolving business needs—from managing analytics and data warehousing workloads to running mission-critical business applications. Unifying the servers, storage, networking, software and services clients need to run their SAP HANA environment, these all-in-one systems are quick and easy to install, accelerating time to value.

Building on the experience of over 800 system implementations for SAP HANA, the new ConvergedSystem portfolio for SAP HANA includes ConvergedSystem 500 for analytics and datawarehousing workloads, ServiceGuard for SAP HANA, and "Project Kraken" - an incubated system that will enable clients to simplify their SAP HANA infrastructure and speed business operations with up to 12 terabytes of data in a single memory pool to power mission-critical business apps.

“Organizations are making long-term, strategic architectural bets for their data centers and data management platforms,” said Tom Joyce, senior vice president and general manager, Converged Systems, HP. “SAP HANA provides a catalyst for business transformation and HP has the architecture, expertise and vision to meet its infrastructure needs. HP is investing in delivering the infrastructure that clients need to meet requirements of environments running SAP HANA.”

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