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Northern California Data Center Summit

April 10: St. Francis Yacht Club, San Francisco, CA

The Third Annual Northern California Data Center Summit by CAPRATE events will convene April 10 in San Francisco drawing executives from Silicon Valley and San Francisco's most active and innovative data center real estate and technology infrastructure companies.

The one-day event features 50 speakers in 13 panel discussions and join the expected 400+ attendees for discussion, debate and networking.
Topics include:

* How are large end-users and tech start-ups in the region planning their data center growth?
* How have data center lease terms and the transaction time frame changed in recent years?
* Exploring the concepts of “rightsizing,” “scalability,” and cloud delivery
* How much data center space will end-users in SV and SF truly require?
* How are prominent end-users and operators/service providers looking at needs today vs. tomorrow?
* How are public agencies viewing data privacy vs. private companies?
* Analysis of the impact of regulation on the data center industry and high-frequency trading


St. Francis Yacht Club
On the Marina
San Francisco

For more information and registration visit the Data Center Summit website.

For more events, return to the Data Center Knowledge Events Calendar.

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