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GreenButton Partners with NVIDIA for Affordable Cloud Rendering

GreenButton Partners with NVIDIA for Affordable Cloud Rendering

GreenButton, a provider of compute intensive and integrated on-demand cloud solutions, announced a partnership with NVIDIA (NVDA), which complements the company’s existing offerings in the Digital Media and Entertainment industry, and provides a more complete service for both studios and freelance artists.

GreenButton, a provider of high-performance cloud computing solutions, announced a partnership with NVIDIA (NVDA) to offer a more complete service for both studios and freelance artists. GreenButton's solution for rendering software in the cloud gives users of Maya, 3ds Max and Softimage the ability to access massive compute resources on-demand at an affordable cost.

“NVIDIA is very pleased to make mental ray available in the Cloud with GreenButton,” said Phillip Miller, director of NVIDIA Advanced Rendering Products. “As the rendering quality of productions continually rises there’s an ever growing need for more processing power to satisfy it. GreenButton now enables mental ray artists to have the rendering power of a major studio to ensure their creative vision isn’t constrained by local resources.”

The partnership allows customers to access massive computing power on-demand with no upfront investment. Smaller organizations can now compete for the same jobs as larger studios and companies. In addition, users have the ability to consume the very valuable mental ray licenses on a per-use basis, and computing time is metered to the millisecond. This gives cloud access to tens of thousands of cores that would otherwise be unattainable.

GreenButton’s Cloud Fabric platform provides the cloud access (via a plugin in Maya and 3ds Max), job distribution and execution, billing support and license management that the service depends upon, whereas, GreenButton Mission Control provides a management dashboard for the service as well as comprehensive reporting.

“This is a great partnership for GreenButton,” said Scott Houston, chief executive officer of GreenButton. “It allows us to address a bigger slice of the Digital Media and Entertainment industry, a key market for us. NVIDIA was a logical partner given the breadth and depth and quality of their products. We are looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship, and are thrilled that together we can provide a more complete service for larger and smaller independent studios alike.”

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