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Your Data Center Ops Guide for Complete Reliability

The modern data center is home to some of the latest technologies. Now, learn how to create true data center operations reliability. This eBook presents a variety of strategies which work with any Tier rating and decrease the likelihood of unplanned downtime or outages in a data center.

Because of the enormous data center technological growth – infrastructure reliability will be absolutely critical in 2014 and beyond. People, processes, operations, maintenance, lifecycle, and risk mitigation strategies are also necessary in creating reliability. This eBook from FORTRUST presents a variety of strategies which work with any Tier rating and decrease the likelihood of unplanned downtime or outages in a data center. In the technology world, nothing is 100 percent.

Because the data center industry is charged with the quest for continuous uptime, data center professionals are somewhat on-edge, or even superstitious. As a result, speaking about how long something has been operating without an outage or unplanned downtime is not always a comfortable conversation. Still, because of the increased dependence around the data center model – these conversations must happen and reliability must be understood.

Download this eBook today to truly understand how to create and ensure reliability within your data center environment. This eBook covers:

  • The Most Likely Causes of Unplanned Outages or Downtime
  • Human Error and Infrastructure Capacity Management
  • Maintenance and Lifecycle Strategy
  • Data Center Site Selection and Risk Mitigation Measures

As the data center model continues to expand, creating intelligent infrastructure reliability will be critical to maintain healthy data center operations. In this eBook, FORTRUST examines the most likely causes of data center outages and some proven strategies to prevent them. This is about organizational strategy and an operational mindset. The strategies will be presented, although, ultimately, the results can only truly be measured by a track record of continuous uptime; so make sure to create a proactive plan based on direct infrastructure best practices.


Remember, not all data center models are created equally. There will be different management, operations, and design protocols. Because of that – it’s always a challenge to predict reliability. Still, as the eBook points out - the key to preventing unplanned outages or downtime within critical systems is to focus the greatest amount of attention and effort on the “most likely” causes of outages.

The reliability of a data center with little or no consideration to geographical risk or risk mitigation measures as part of the design and operations is no longer an “if” scenario, but rather a “when” scenario for unplanned downtime. With your critical data center infrastructure, be prepared, create redundancy, and strive for true systems reliability.

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