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CloudSigma Adds Live Snapshotting To Its Cloud

CloudSigma Adds Live Snapshotting To Its Cloud

Public Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider CloudSigma has added Snapshot technology which has practical uses in cloud disaster recovery, as well as testing and development.

Public cloud IaaS provider CloudSigma has introduced Snapshot Management Technology to its SSD storage offering to improve data protection and access in the cloud. The technology greatly enhances  cloud-based disaster recovery capabilities, as well as has other potential use cases such as copying production environments for testing and development, enabling a company to test changes before deploying. The Snapshot Management Technology allows customers to incorporate enterprise storage strategies into their cloud infrastructure while meeting complex compute requirements, through a web application.

The new snapshot management technology is fully integrated into CloudSigma’s existing platform. Customers are able to take a snapshot of live running drives and also clone them to create full drives to run separate Virtual Machines. The new drive can be at the same site or a second site for off-site data recovery.  Data can be recovered on a drive-by-drive basis.

“What’s great about our snapshot technology is that it is completely non-disruptive,” said Robert Jenkins, CEO, CloudSigma. “Once the drive snapshot is created, an exact replica can be generated quickly at any time based on that snapshot. This replica can then be used as a ready-to-go replacement, should a disaster occur. Combining this with our existing private patching capability, companies can also easily pull that clone back into their private compute environment, as if nothing happened. We are truly transforming storage management in the cloud, even for companies with the most complex compute and security needs who can now make our public cloud a key part of their business continuity strategy.”

Customers are able to completely automate their snapshot management processes by creating snapshot management policies. These policies allow customers to define scheduled snapshots, snapshot retention policies and more. Multiple policies are possible and each policy can be applied to one or more drives.

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