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Open-IX Accepting Applications for Data Center Members

Open-IX Accepting Applications for Data Center Members

Open-IX is now accepting applications for North American Data Center and Internet Exchange Point (IXP) Certifications. Open-IX continues to have healthy momentum.


Open-IX is now accepting applications for membership from data centers and exchange point operators.

Open-IX has been bringing in a significant paradigm shift to the interconnection and internet exchange world, importing the European interconnection model stateside. It is creating a network of member-governed Internet exchange points housed in multiple neutral data center facilities, which opposes the privatized approach that has been dominant. After several announcements by European exchanges, Open-IX is now officially accepting applications for North American Data Center and Internet Exchange Point (IXP) Certifications.

“After opening up the application process for the NoVA market, demand for other regions and interest in achieving OIX certification has been tremendous,” said Martin Hannigan, co-founder and Treasurer of Open-IX Association.

In order to become an OIX certified data center or IXP, companies must submit an application that includes a deposit and processing fee. The OIX executive board then reviews each application and once accepted, data centers and IXPs are required to complete a compliance report. The compliance report is so that members adhere to the OIX technical requirements.

In addition to applying for OIX certification, industry members who are interested in Internet Exchange Points and data center interconnection and infrastructure, interconnect engineering, or research can also join the OIX as members,” said Hannigan. “Membership is $50 per year and provides the opportunity to have input on shaping the operations, engineering and future of interconnecting networks.”

OIX was formed this year and is a non-profit, neutral body of volunteers from the Internet community with the common goal of creating standards for Internet connectivity, resiliency, interconnect, security and cost. The European exchanges came flooding into North America. OIX standards are already being adopted by LINX, AMS-IX, Digital Realty, DuPont Fabros, Raging Wire, and many other data center and IX providers.

The Summer of Open-IX

There were several high profile launches on the part of data center providers following the group’s formation, including EvoSwitch and Digital Realty jumping in and launching initiatives in August.

Also following the momentum of Open-IX, the London Internet Exchange (LINX) revealed plans to open an Exchange at three data centers in northern Virginia, which began operations today. "There has been a lot of attention worldwide for what we're building here," said LINX CEO John Souter. "Our members called on LINX to build neutral, member-governed and distributed Internet Exchanges in the most important US markets where IP traffic is exchanged, and that is precisely what we are doing here in northern Virginia".

Meanwhile, the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) opened an Internet exchange in New York in November, with Dupont Fabros, Sabey Data Centers and 325 Hudson. Franfurt-based DE-CIX also entered New York.

“We are excited to see the official launch of the Open IX initiative come to fruition,” said John Sarkis, Vice President of Carrier and Connectivity Operations for Digital Realty. “This is a testament to the hard work and dedication of many members of the Internet community and solidifies a revolutionary change for the industry.”

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